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Posted on May 4, 2019 in Articles

Tom Rowland Goes Clear Cross Country With Possible Mission

Tom Rowland Goes Clear Cross Country With Possible Mission

Article sponsored by Le Jabot and Stock Company 

Images by Lucy Hall Photography – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

Tom Rowland put in a great performance for Possible Mission and his debut at Badminton. This is Possible Missions second ever five star test and they certainly did not disappoint. They looked great across the course and rode some of the combinations beautifully. Possible Mission was rather bold at times and Tom managed to contain this conjuring a clear round across the country though a circle at the Mirage Water cost him some time penalties but still a very impressive performance for their first Badminton.

We caught up with Tom after his round:

How was your round, we didn’t see much on the screens after fence 19 the Nyetimber Heights?

Probably not the end of the world, it was a bit scrappy in places, it can not always be the most stylish in the world but I am kind of learning about that, but give him his due he keeps chipping away and he keeps asking and he’s tough. He is not the fastest but he just keeps going.

59144770_2313988408622604_1631961450765352960_nHe looked pretty bold on to the Outlander PHEV Bank  at fence 13.

Yeah I know, there was places where I got a little bit backwards then suddenly the one place where I wanted to be a little bit closer to a fence I was a bit too far away, but no it was cool.

Talk me through the Mirage Water

Oh I wussed out there! I could have done it, Chris Bartle keeps telling me about peripheral vision and looking at the fence. I could have done it and I was so busy staring at the ditch I just wasn’t looking at the corner and I wussed out, I should have done it and I could have done it and I am kicking myself about that. I need to get a little bit braver. I wanted to look after him but that wasn’t the plan and I am regretting it now

59064460_2316631105024323_2890803579105312768_nWhat does it mean to complete the cross country at Badminton?

It’s cool, I really really want to be here, every year and have two horses here and be nailing it like the pro’s. He is an amazing horse and he is only 12 and I hope he can keep coming back for a few more years. I have got some amazing horses at home that I think are like him and more. I just want to get back home after this weekend and work really hard and get all those ones going.

What is his showjumping like?

He can be a spooky horse, but I have learnt that he comes out well on the last day, he recovers well so I am happy.

So what is the plan now?

Well we look after him thats the first thing. Ice him, check him over, see that he recovers well so thats the main thing.


Tom currently sits in 37th place going g into the show jumping  tomorrow.


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