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Posted on May 5, 2019 in Articles

Tom Rowland Completes Badminton 2019

Tom Rowland Completes Badminton 2019

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Images by Lucy Hall Photography – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright.

The third and final day for Tom and Possible Mission. They sailed through this mornings trot up and got themselves ready for their showjumping round which took place in the morning session. I have a feeling it wasn’t the round Tom was looking for with the very first two fences coming down but after that they picked up a gear and got themselves into a fluent round of showjumping  – jumping the rest clear and looking very stylish as they did. It was a very frustrating round I would Imagine ,however they have completed their first ever Badminton and only second ever 5star. Again this is an exciting combination to watch as I am sure we will see much greater things yet to come from these two.

Just the two first fences – very unlucky Tom,

I am mad so mad, and they were almost the two spookiest fences on the course and for him thats makes it difficult, he was just a bit tight. I rode a really really bad line into the second fence and I thought ‘oh my god this is going to be a long round!’. In a way it was a kick up the backside we needed. To have the first fence down was not great.

He settled into the round well though after that,

He got going really well and that was the thing it was a difficult start for him. Burghley last year was an attacking course really early on so thats the difficulty, it was just a hard course for him to get into really.

IMG_1822Still your first Badminton under your belt

He is amazing, he does tire a little bit on the cross country towards the end but I know that the next day he comes out feeling good. Like within 5 minutes he has recovered. The best scenario that we were joking about last night would be to held on a course about three quarters of the way round you know like if someone could “streak” across the course and held everything  up for a few minutes then we could get his blood going again!! To be honest he could of jumped yesterday evening, by the time he has recovered for 5-10 minutes he is absolutely good to go again.

What are you plans with him now?

I would love to take him to Burghley. We were very much just thinking about this week to be honest. We will give him a bit of a break, but love to go to Burghley, he still has several years in him and touch wood he seems to fly through these events in that respect so I would like to think he could have 4 or 5 Burghleys and Badmintons ahead of him, well that would be the dream.


Tom and Possible Mission finished 36th overall  – full results here

i must say what a pleasure he was to interview and we look forward to seeing many more great this things to come from this pair.



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