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Posted on Feb 17, 2020 in Articles

They say there’s a book in everyone. Is there a book in you?

They say there’s a book in everyone. Is there a book in you?

From the author of Planet Fran – Population One

They say there’s a book in everyone. I’d wanted to write a book for what-felt-like forever and just never got down to doing it. Mostly, I think, not because I wasn’t motivated to do it but because I was quite afraid of the blank screen in front of me. What would I write and how would I know if what I was writing was going in the right direction. I mean, within a story, there are countless characters that can be created and countless decisions they will make that could change the very essence of the plot and character development. So, for years on end, I procrastinated, continued reading books and watching endless movies but rarely did I actually put pen to paper (or, rather, fingers to keyboard) to actually get a work-in-progress underway and every idea I came up with just didn’t seem to hold water for me.

What changed? I got older and realised time was slipping by so I focussed my attention on what I knew about. They say, write what you know. Well, I knew about setting up a business and I knew about horses and I knew about the difficulty coming to riding as an adult. These combined gave me the skeleton of a story that became Planet Fran – Population One. Fran McBride is a serial dreamer of riches with great ideas but no-one will back her. She has a complete dislike of all things equestrian, too. The book follows Fran’s journey to learn to ride and jump her nemesis, Batman, as she tries to prove herself to secure the investment she needs to launch her new business.

Once I had a workable idea, I was disciplined in writing it. I set myself aggressive word-count targets per week. I didn’t often meet them but having those targets kept me writing. I didn’t worry about draft one; if the story didn’t hang together at points, that didn’t matter, it could be fixed during editing. The important point was to write and keep on writing and that’s what I did.  In addition to Planet Fran, I now also have a children’s book out: Lauren and Buddy, Time to Shine, a lovely pony story of triumph for ages 8-12.  Book 2 in the Planet Fran trilogy is now written and is currently in editing. Watch out for it coming later this year!

They say there’s a book in everyone. Is there a book in you?

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