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Posted on Jun 19, 2018 in Articles

Shaun Murray reflects on Tattersall International Horse Trials #Scotstakeontatts

Shaun Murray reflects on Tattersall International Horse Trials #Scotstakeontatts


How was your experience of Tatts?

Loved it, organisers were friendly, great atmosphere and the facilities were second to none.  Will definitely be going back again.  Oh and I guess the company was acceptable also!



How did  you and your horse perform?

Hetty was very good, I felt I could have ridden her better but we will get there!  Early days and all that and I feel I have learned a lot.

How did Tatts compare to other International events you have been too?

It is difficult to compare, the company was that good and it was always so sunny it almost felt like we were on holiday with horses there!

What did you love the most? Highs and lows? 

My low was definitely waking up on Sunday morning after partying too hard on the Saturday night!!  My high was the showjumping, the horse jumped out of this world and felt class!


Any advice for anyone looking to compete at Tatts next year or any other international event?

Just do it, the experience is brilliant.  You compete alongside the best in the world and always make new friends and have a great party!


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