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Posted on Sep 7, 2019 in Articles

Perfect Pathfinder Price on the Beautiful Bango at Burghley 2019

Perfect Pathfinder Price on the Beautiful Bango at Burghley 2019


Main Image courtesy of Lucy Hall Photogrpahy- all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

Well Three rides for Tim Price but only one out of the three complete. it was one of the toughest courses I have seen in a long while and Tim had me on the edge of my seat. Bango set out as the pathfinder with Tim and to be honest made the course look very easy which we later found out that it was most certainly not!! Here is how each horse went:

Beautiful Bango

Well we couldn’t of had a better pathfinder than this combination!, they set out in a very positive yet lovely rhythm over the first three fences. They made The Land Rover Fountain in the arena look easy. Bango looked rather keen coming into Discovery valley at fence 5ab for the first time but they rode through that very boldly making nothing of the combination. Bango was still very keen up and through the leaf pit which they made nothing of, and that is one big drop!! Their return to discovery valley showed their precision and they jumped very bold through that as well.

Fence 9 the Flight Hangar a very wide fence with a reasonable drop was just made to look like an everyday over for these two! Tim rode brilliantly through the Trout hatchery which is a very tricky combination requiring a bold horse and Tim certainly had that. It was seen later to cause quite a lot of riders to come to grief.  Joules at the Maltings very wide oxers was made to look like child’s play as Tim and bango flew through that riding the third element a corner on 4 strides making it look easy which it certainly was not as other riders later came to grief there later on also.

bango leaf pit

Image courtesy of Julian Portch Photography – all rights reserved and is subject to copyright

The Rolex combination again posed no issues for these two and they went on to get a very bold jump over the Cottesmore Leap. Clarence court looked a little trickier but again these two sailed through that then on to the Anniversary Splash which they just cruised through and then on to the finish. They didn’t look to hang about but they didn’t make the time as were 30 secs over but we later realised the time was certainly tight with only one rider going inside the time allowed of 11 minutes 16 seconds.

What a round to watch though especially when first out on course they made it look easy, they rode it exactly how it needed to be rode, making short work of it! Just a class piece of riding!!

bango burghley cross country

Image Courtesy of Lucy Hall Photography – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

Lloyd Bell Productions caught up with Tim after this round….

How did the course ride out there?

Really nice, I had perfect going I couldn’t even see a hoof print out there! well for obvious reasons !! it was really nice, he’s a Burghley Horse through and through, so thats why I bring him here and it was fun to finally get on a course that was really matched to who he is and how he goes so I had a good time. He got a bit strong in a couple of places, especially coming towards the end , going down hill , the white gates were particularly challenging for us, but we managed just to keep it together and come home. I am pretty happy 30 seconds over time, I think time is going to be tight but I am sure people will go a lot closer than that, but I wonder how many might get inside it

Well Tim the answer to wondering how many will get inside the time was one! So that was an incredible round to watch and great to see Bango in the mix sitting pretty in 7th at the moment.


Results after Cross Country


No   Horse   Rider Dres XC
Total Pl
77 MGH GRAFTON STREET Pippa Funnell 22.8 1 4.0 26.8 1
63 VANIR KAMIRA Piggy French 26.9 5 26.9 2
81 BALLAGHMOR CLASS Oliver Townend 25.3 2 2.0 27.3 3
5 STINGER Ludwig Svennerstal 32.8 29 6.0 38.8 4
29 REVE DU ROUET Sarah Bullimore 29.6 11 10.0 39.6 5
79 SANTIAGO BAY Gemma Tattersall 29.9 14 11.2 41.1 6
1 BANGO Tim Price 29.6 11 12.0 41.6 7
39 IVAR GOODEN Imogen Murray 40.4 60 4.0 44.4 8
40 SARAH D’ARGOUGES Sebastien Cavaillon 29.8 13 19.2 49.0 9
21 DHI BABETTE K Becky Woolven 33.0 30 19.2 52.2 10


Xavier Faer 

Started out well and they set out meaning business and rode great through the The Land Rover Fountain in the arena and looked super stylish through their first look at Discovery Valley, they got a great shot into The Rolex Grand Slam Triple Brush fence 6ab and made it look super easy . This was followed by text book riding through the Holland Cooper Leaf Pit – and they were not hanging about, but The Land Rover Trout Hatchery nearly caught them out as it had done to many prior to their run and Xavier Faer  hit the first oxer in quite hard taking a frangible pin and Tim did well to stay put, his quick reactions saw them take the longer route but Xavier Faer twisted over that and caught the rail but fence and Tim stayed put yet again! They continued on and jumped one of the best through the Joules at the Maltings  however they got held at the Horse Sport Ireland Flyover and Tim decided to retire saving him for another day.


Image Courtesy of Julian Portch Photography – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

Ringwood Skyboy

This was one of the two most heartbreaking rounds I had seen all day. They set out in typical Tim fashion with that lovely rhythm, we didn’t get to see much of their round but what we did see was again just text book riding from Tim. The Holland Cooper Leaf Pit saw a super piece of riding from Tim, they then went on to make combination at fence 8 Discovery Valley look effortless and easy, they were just cruising round and saw a great stride to the Flight Hangar at fence 9. Tim was 110% focused on board and they went really well through the Land Rover Trout Hatchery where even I was on the edge of my seat jumping it with them!. We next saw them at fence 20 Clarence Court and gain saw a great piece of riding from Tim. They were then on the way back home getting a lovely jump at the Collywestern Slate Mine and again breezed through the Anniversary Splash. Now this is where it broke my heart….

they had 1 minute on the clock to get home so were looking like they would be over the time, which was no great shame, they jumped Fence 24 The Lion Bridge then Ringwood Skyboy stumbled in the water going down and taking Tim and his self for a very late bath, if only he could have just waited to be washed off! They parted company and that brought their round to an end only three fences from home. My heart went out to them I could have cried. They were both on their feet and survived to live another day so thats the main thing but what a shame for them.

ringwood skyboy wet at burghley

Image of a very wet Tim Price and Ringwood Skyboy courtesy of Lucy hall photography – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright


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