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Posted on Sep 7, 2019 in Articles

Michael Owen Completes the Cross Country at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2019

Michael Owen Completes the Cross Country at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2019

Main Image courtesy of Lucy Hall Photography- all rights reserved and are subject to copyright


Michael originally had two rides round the cross country courseat Burghley today but after his first ride round on the more experienced horse bradley Law understably withdrew Jims Pal and after watching the course catching out riders everywhere I am inclined to say this was definitely a good decision, you see someone once told me in fact I think it was Dee kennedy that you will never regret not running.

Cross Country with Bradeley Law

Well we didn’t get to see much of his round but what we did see looked very bold and positive riding from Michael and they were jumping well subsequently making fence 9ab Flight Hangar the big wide roll top look nothing!! They rode through the Rolex combination beautifully making it look very easy. However Clarence Court did catch these two out and they hit the second part quite hard knocking Michael slightly out of his seat and he did well to stay put but this meant they could not make the third part of the combination and they had to circle getting themselves 20 technical penalties. Michael then took the pressure off Bradeley law and let him cruise home just to complete which they did , it was a real shame as they were going great guns and this horse is a super cross country horse. They currently sit just outside the top twenty and this is certainly a big achievement after what I witnessed today on the cross country!!

mo xc bl

Image Courtesy of Lucy Hall Photography – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright


4 BRADELEY LAW Michael Owen 38.5 51 14.0 20 72.5 22

Micheal well done getting Bradeley Law round , you were going great up until clarence court please can you talk me through your round?

He was amazing, just got a bit tired and hit the fence. I wasn’t quick enough to think and crossed my tracks so a technical 20 faults.

You withdrew Jims pal what made you decide to do that ?

We decided not to run Jim because having watched a lot of riders ride the course, it was causing more trouble than normal and it is very important that they have a nice experience around their first 5*. It rode big and very punishing on them with the terrain

How is Bradeley Law as look like hit fence hard?

Bradeley Law seems fine. Lots of precautionary icing tonight and lots of walking around. I have a very good team around me who help sort him out.

How is Braeley Law at Showjumping?

He is a very good show jumper so everything crossed for tomorrow

We we saw Micheal climb the leader board today from sitting 51st after dressage to now in 22nd place we have hooves crossed that he can climb up some more and have a good show jumping round tomorrow and wish them the very best of luck.


Image courtesy of Julian Portch photography – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

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