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Posted on Jun 8, 2018 in Articles

Katherine Lindsay fills us in on how they got on at Tatts #scottstakeontatts

Katherine Lindsay fills us in on how they got on at Tatts #scottstakeontatts


How was your experience of Tatts?

Amazing- I just loved every bit of it. The set up for the horses is incredible and I loved the technical XC course. Everyone was SO friendly and helpful and I made lots of new friends!


How did you and your horse perform?

I was over the moon with Hilton Cooleys performance. He did his best dressage test to date (not mark wise) to score 36.1. I made a costly silly mistake dropping us down the rankings but couldn’t have been more pleased with his performance. This was followed by a very confident double clear to finish on his dressage score and place 22nd/ 75 in the CCIYH*




How did Tatts compare to other International events you have been too?

The XC course was similar to Houghton but I have never been to an International where the infrastructure was permanent- it really was an incredible set up.

What did you love the most? Highs and lows?

The ride Olaf gave me XC was my highlight of the week. He was so bold, straight and brave and was well inside the time. I’m so excited for his future. Every evening was also huge fun playing games and meeting new people. Another high was definitely beating the boys at beer pong! It was a dream week and for me the low point was the long journey back!


Any advice for anyone looking to compete at Tatts next year or any other international event?
Remember your High-vis jacket for the ferry!
Images courtesy of @Dave Cameron Photography – all rights reserved
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