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Posted on Aug 30, 2018 in Articles

First day of Dressage at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials #LRBHT

First day of Dressage at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials #LRBHT

Thursday’s day of Dressage saw  the first rider  of the day keep the poll position, Oli Townend put in a delightful test with MHS King Joules and will be the one to beat in tomorrow’s day of Dressage.

The leaderboard see’s the British riders take the top five placings with Mark Todd and Tim Price the only two Kiwi’s in the top ten. There was a few errors of course in the Dressage today and unusually so from Mark todd which has proved to be quite costly for him as he could well have been the leader after the first day of dressage.

Please find the current standings below with more horse and rider combinations tomorrow…

1 MHS KING JOULES Oliver Townend 201.0 207.5 203.0 27.2 1
37 REVE DU ROUET Sarah Bullimore 204.0 201.0 205.5 27.3 2
35 AWAY CRUISING Harry Meade 194.0 201.0 197.5 29.5 3
32 VANIR KAMIRA Piggy French 198.0 194.0 197.0 29.9 4
40 WII LIMBO Georgie Spence 192.5 196.5 196.0 30.4* 5
7 NZB CAMPINO Mark Todd 188.0 194.5 199.0 30.8* 6
42 MISTER MACCONDY Polly Stockton 186.0 192.0 194.5 31.9 7
11 BANGO Tim Price 182.5 190.0 197.5 32.1 =8
30 SIMPLY SOX Julie Tew 192.5 187.0 190.5 32.1 =8
27 LUCKY CONTENDER Austin O’Connor 192.5 191.0 184.5 32.4* 10
No   Horse   Rider E C M   Pen   Pl
38 POSSIBLE MISSION Tom Rowland 185.0 193.5 186.0 32.8 11
25 STINGER Ludwig Svennerstal 188.5 188.5 186.0 33.0 12
39 CHANCE REMARK Willa Newton 184.0 185.5 191.5 33.2 =13
20 DYNASTY Hector Payne 186.0 188.5 187.0 33.2 =13
48 COOLYS LUXURY Tom Crisp 182.0 190.0 187.0 33.5 15
15 JET SET IV Andrew Nicholson 187.0 184.5 184.5 33.8 16
18 TAHINA DES ISLES Camille Lejeune 182.0 185.0 188.5 33.9 17
8 ELITE SYNCOPATION Nana Dalton 183.0 183.5 188.0 34.0 18
28 DE BEERS DILLETANTE Rebecca Gibbs 179.5 186.5 187.5 34.1 19
41 MASTER DOUGLAS Sam Ecroyd 187.0 182.5 182.0 34.4 20

for more results click here 

International Pairs champion

Whilst keeping track of your favourite riders position on the leaderboard, make sure you keep track of The International Pairs Challenge sponsored by Peden Bloodstock a leading international shipping agent.

Horses and riders were paired up after the first horse inspection on Wednesday. The 15 highest ranked British riders are paired in reverse order with the top 15 of the rest of the world riders. Rider  rankings are taken from the FEI World Rankings as published on the 26th August 2018 and each of the rider’s scores are added together to calculate a combined pair score!!

Pair No 9 See Imogen Murray riding Ivar Gooden and our rider Bill Levett paired so we be cheering them on all the way!! to find out the scores that are in and the rest of the pairs please click Here

nicholson jet setThe Cross Country Course

We were lucky enough to have a course drive round in one of the beautiful Range Rovers and the course is a typical Burghley course BIG, BOLD AND lots of GALLOPING! the course appears to get technical early on with the Discovery Valley being at the fence 5 followed very quickly by the Rolex Grand Slam Rails  then the notorious leaf pit (fence 7 and 8)  which were very influential here in the 9th minute last year but thats after the huge drop which will require a bold horse early on so I will be interested to see which riders take the long route here!

Then the course heads back to Discovery Valley ( fence 9) for another accuracy line over an innocuous enough log followed by a maximum oxer! The course then heads to the Land Rover Trout Hatchery ( fence 11 and 12 ) which is probably the most difficult combination on the course. I am quite sure we will see riders taking different routes through this combination. This is probably going to be the place to watch!!

The Joules at the Maltings fence 14 is not to far away after the water and here is a true 4*question!! It consists of a massive over then curving lines to two very big corners!

Its not to long before you reach the Rolex combination at fence 15, where there is again a  couple of serious oxers. This is followed by the Pardubice an iconic fence at Burghley as is the Cottesmore Leap at fence 19 which never looks any smaller no matter how many times you see it though most combinations have no issue at this fence.

Clarence Court is the last serious question on the course (fence 21 and 22 ) and last year saw Warren Lamperd’s ride Silvia bank the corner so again this is a fence to be watching. Then it is head for home but there is still some very big imposing fences to be jumped, the Collyweston Slate Mine (fence 24 ) to name but one which is a massive jump going the other way but this year see’s them jump it from the other side which is to say the least very imposing!.

It is a true four star course and some new questions for the riders I am looking forward to seeing the riders take this challenge on.


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