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Posted on Mar 1, 2019 in Articles

Find out how Sue and Gromit are preparing for the Mitsubushi Motors Cup 2019


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How is training going and what have you been up to?

training wise I have been concentrating on his fitness to get this done I have succumbed to locking my children in the lunge pen while I canter to around the edge of the field I think my husband is rather impressed with our ploughing affect. Alongside this we have going to Greenlands equestrian centre showjumping once a week.


Has the equine flu impacted on your plans and /or training? Are you taking any extra precautions in light of Equine Flu?

Have I change any of my plans or done anything differently due to the horse flu scare well actually no my horses are all up-to-date with their boosters phew for once I got it right secondly if and when I do go competing I always try to keep myself and my horses away from others as there are plenty of other diseases out there to be passed


Have you booked into your first event yet? if so where are you aiming for?

I’m aiming for my first horse trials to be either Breckenbrough or Dalkeith but still undecided to which. Prior to this we will be out jumping a few working hunter tracks.

Are you doing canter/gallop work yet with your horses? How many times a week/fortnight do you work on their galloping fitness?

I tend to work my horses on a four day rota Monday usually been day off. The rota consists of canter work, jump work flat work and hacking not in that order.


Have you done any training shows? how did you get on?

No not been out since January. It’s cheaper to hire an arena to jump then it is to compete. I don’t have much money so I have to be very careful. He is going out on Saturday to do a open BSPS workers


Are you or do you work on your own fitness? if so what training do you do?

 As for my own fitness I have three children four years & under so this in general keeps you moving. Most days I am in usually riding or long reining so this gets the footsteps in but really I do know I should be doing more but finding the time is the hard part. According to my Fitbit I should be a lot slimmer than I am in reality. I have to confess since having the children I find it really hard to lose weight this might be due to the fact I eat the children’s leftovers. In my opinion it isn’t rocket science just unfortunately my willpower is not the best when it comes to food.

Tell me about Gromit and your video clip

So as we all know Grom has been retaining his rather round shape. So now I have resorted to keeping him in overnight to try and separate him and the round feeder of hay. He’s really not impressed with just having one hay net at night. I usually drop the two eldest children off at nursery on a Wednesday, then come back and do my horses. As I drove around the corner back towards home I find a Grom in the neighbours field. He had let himself out of his stable. As you can see from the video he was very happy to have some nice lush green grass but also equally happy to go back to his friends.




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