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Posted on Jun 19, 2018 in Articles

Eilidh Costelloe Comments on Tattersalls #Scotstakeontatts

Eilidh Costelloe Comments on Tattersalls #Scotstakeontatts


How was your experience of Tatts?

I’ve always wanted to compete at Tatts and it more than lived up to its reputation as a fun, friendly and well run event. We had a great crew of riders, grooms and supporters from Scotland and Ireland! which made the week even better!

How did your you and your horse perform?

Not the best!!! But we got round the XC for a slow and steady clear!

How did Tatts compare to other International events you have been too?

No mud!!!! Win! So, laid back and fun. But well organised.

What did you love the most? Highs and lows?

Jumping into the big water complex and staying upright! As well as the trehkner on top of the mound! Great adrenaline buzz! As well as the TV screens in the stable yards, very handy! The sunny weather made the week even more enjoyable.

Any advice for anyone looking to compete at Tatts next year or any other international event?

Definitely go! I’ll be back! Just with a better dressage test next time!

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