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Posted on May 4, 2019 in Articles

Bill Levett Climbs the Leaderboard After A Super Cross Country Round

Bill Levett Climbs the Leaderboard After A Super Cross Country Round

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Main Image by Lucy Hall Photography – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

Bill has had 20 runs at 5 star level and has completed 4 out of 6 runs at Badminton and today he added another run to his accolade. Not only did he complete on a horse who has never ran at a 5 star until today but he climbed up the leaderboard from 29th to 9th place!

Yesterday Bill wondered if Lassban Diamond Lift would answer the questions of a five star and he certainly has done that. he looked super bold and came home full of running. There was a few moments where the combination saw a long stride but they were on form today. Lassban Diamond lift looked strong through the Mirage water and they popped in a circle but went clear it just cost them some time I would think this is because bill got a huge jump over the ditch with water! They look absolutely super round the rest of the course especially through fence 19 the Nyetimber Heights which was text book riding. They also produced a lovely smooth ride through The Lake with L200s at 25abc.

Lassban Diamond Lift finished clear full of running but unfortunately just over the time which incurred them 8 time penalties but still a fantastic round to move them on up the leaderboard.

We caught up with Bill after his round to find out his thoughts:

How did the course ride for you?

He was a bit green early on, I think he was a bit taken back by the size of them all. Then he was just landing in some places a bit heavy. I am not sure what he did down the steps but he just ran down them a bit quick then he just landed in a heap then it was a bit of an awkward jump out, but he got better and better.  We just shifted through the gears after the lake. The jump at the corners and the ditch ( 17/18 Mirage Water ) I would have ridden that quieter if I had been able to do it again, but I didn’t want to under -ride it and have an awkward jump. That cost me ten seconds there which was a shame because he was full of gallop and  we could have got a lot closer to the time. It is his first five star and he has jumped round super and answered every question so I am pleased.

He is super, He is a young horse who has only done the one three star and he only did the one two star ‘in the old money’ so to come here and to grow in confidence rather than shrink is super. I always knew he was a fantastic cross country horse otherwise I wouldn’t have brought him. I knew he had lots of gallop and lots of stamina which he showed again this afternoon and I am over the moon. My wife  has always believed in him from day one and she has been his biggest supporter and to jump round Badminton well….. we have had him since a 5 year old so thats a great feeling, just to produce one the whole way and to get it to Badminton, even just arriving here was a good feeling to be fair.  He has a big future he has a twenties dressage in him and you have seen what he can do cross country, he is as quick as anything, we have just not got to over run him and hopefully he will come out of this well and we will have a great career with him.

How was the ground out there as we have had a few different weather conditions out there over the last few days?

The ground was great, a bit of give but no too much, perfect really.

Do you think Eric Winter has done a good job with the course this year?

He has created a result which is what we all want. You don’t want a competition which is all over after the dressage. Now I know there is some top cross country riders out in front after the dressage but you do want to feel that if you miss a couple of changes you still have a reason to press on to the cross country and that is certainly what it has been today.

What are you thoughts going into the showjumping tomorrow?

My horse is a tidy showjumper. Just to finish the competition not in a bad way because I have been in my position sometimes and had three or four down and that been a bit depressing going home. I just hope to have a day like today, one where I am really pleased with my horse and He has shown off his abilities.

Find the full results after the cross country phase here


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