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Posted on Aug 31, 2018 in Articles, Competing

Ben Way gets a pleasing test out of Galley Light in the Dressage at Burghley 2018 #LRBHT

Ben Way gets a pleasing test out of Galley Light in the Dressage at Burghley 2018 #LRBHT


Ben Way and Galley light get a lovely start to Burghley Horse Trials, their dressage test was lovely to watch. The ex racehorse which has serious racing bloodlines was relaxed and the test was accurate and correct.

ben way nt dr2

Image by NJT Photography – All rights reserved

They scored 35.4  though that may put them down the leaderboard a touch the scores are close and the time the cross country will be very influential tomorrow as they are not a million miles from the leader at all.


Image by Katie Neat Photography – All rights reserved


We caught up with Ben after his test to hear his thoughts:

 Pleased with the test, he was a good boy. He is not the best dressage horse so to come out with that score was good, yeah I am pleased with that.

How does it feel to be back here at Burghley Horse Trials?

It’s great to be back here at these big ones and having not got a clear round here before I am quite keen to get that in the bag while he’s 15 he might not have that long left.


What are your expectations for tomorrow and how do you think the course will ride?

I think it will be tough. At Badminton I had very few to watch, whereas luckily this time I have got much more time to see people go, so it will be interesting to see how it does ride and what routes riders are taking. It will be a stamina test I think.


What is the atmosphere like in the ring?

It is an amazing atmosphere, the crowd is so close whereas at Badminton and other bigger tracks they are sat much further back, so it is quite an intense atmosphere, its intense but it is lovely

Here is Galley Light and Ben both looking rather pleased with their test!!


Image by Katie Neat photography – All Rights reserved

In Wednesday’s Horse inspection Ben looked super smart as you can see!

ben way trup nt

Image Courtesy of NJT Photography – All rights reserved

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