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Posted on Sep 16, 2018 in Articles

Aimee Penny heads from Blair to Blenheim

Aimee Penny heads from Blair to Blenheim


HIRONDELLE DE FRIBOIS B and Aimee Penny finished 17th in the CIC*** at Blair Castle a few weeks ago, Ssangyong Blenheim Palace is now their next step but this time they are entered in the CCI***.

The 11yo mare is a mighty 17h and Aimee is not the tallest of riders but they have a super partnership together.  Aimee just a mere 22years of age is having a really good season with the majority of her entries into events placing (23 placings/39 runs with 20 of those in the top ten and 9 of those being in the top three!)

This mare is not the easiest of mare’s and Blair Castle saw her blow up in the dressage so we know that she can be feisty! this will be their third three star and Aimee has produced this mare solely from 6yrs of age (in fact I used to also ride a tricky horse about the same time as Aimee started out on this one and we used to have quite a lot of giggles about who was going to have the most fun in trying to complete the event! This is why it is now so nice for me to report on this combination . Aimee recently received some sponsorship from Voltaire Saddles UK and will soon be out competing in their saddles once they have been hand produced over in France.

Aimee was later on in the day for the first day of dressage.

41680197_236062840401338_8412764038534004736_nAimee and her ride Hirondelle de Fribois B scored a 40 going forward to the cross country on Saturday. We caught up with Aimee to hear her thoughts on her test and the cross country course that awaits:

Her test, she was ok. She’s very hot on the flat and is more than capable of throwing a rear of two in. She got very anxious as soon as she entered the arena. She held her cool it wasn’t great but could of been a lot worse. She’ll be doing a lot of dressage over the winter. I’ve walked the course. Yeah it’s very big, but she’s usually a class horse to ride cross country so I’m exited to get out there with her. I wouldn’t rather be sat on anything else. She’s usually a very good show jumper. But this is her first cci since 2015 so who knows how she may come out on Sunday morning.

41751569_2148932511990259_897919529487695872_nUnfortunately Aimee set out on the cross country and it just looked like Hirondelle de Fribois B wasn’t feeling it she had a couple of stops and Aimee made the right decision to pull up and save her for another day :

All is ok. She’s happy and sound. She never really stops . So I pulled her up because I said I’d never run her on hard ground. So I said I’d go and see if she wants to go, but she didn’t. Saved her for another day. She just told me she didn’t like it. Which I’m glad about because I still have a horse at the end of it.  I am certain that she hasn’t knocked her confidence cross county because she only went double clear 3 weekends ago at Blair 3*. So I know she doesn’t need a run from that point of view. But I am going to osberton with 3 anyway do I will have a think about maybe giving her a nice spin in the 2* there. I don’t know yet

Well we wish Aimee the very best at Osberton and look forward to following them again next season. They are a really nice combination and have plenty of more runs ahead of them.


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